Is Clairvoyance Real

May 2nd 2018 | The Other
is clairvoyance real: Clairvoyance (/klɛɹˈvɔɪəns/ or /klɛəˈvɔɪəns/) (from French clair meaning “clear” and voyance meaning “vision”) is the alleged

Mind Over Eye

April 22nd 2018 | The Other
mind over eye: The mind is a set of cognitive faculties including consciousness, perception, thinking, judgement, language and memory.It

Telekinesis In Dreams

April 22nd 2018 | The Other
telekinesis in dreams: The power to manipulate objects/matter with their mind. User can influence/manipulate/move objects/matter with their mind. Telekinesis

Define Mind Over Matter

April 22nd 2018 | The Other
define mind over matter: Matter definition, the substance or substances of which any physical object consists or is composed:

Levitate Ability

April 22nd 2018 | The Other
levitate ability: The ability to cause oneself/subjects/objects to hover in the air. Sub-power of Gliding and Flight. User can

Psychic Superheroes

April 21st 2018 | The Other
psychic superheroes: I provide advice about how to write novels, comic books and graphic novels.Most of my content applies

Kinetic Healer

April 21st 2018 | The Other
kinetic healer: Class Features. The following are the class features of the kineticist. Weapon and Armor Proficiency. Kineticists are
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